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windows server 2008 standard without hyper-v
« Dato: 10 Oktober 2017, 15:14:22 pm »
Hello Everyone,

im tring to set up an ad cs i have 2servers and a cient computer running windows xp both servers are running windows server 2008 standard without hyper-v one of the servers already has AD installed on it with the domain name and a workgroup TEST_PKI1. im trying to add my Server to my AD but it wont work for some reason. Whenever i try and change the domain to it says it couldnt find but if i put in TEST_PKI1 as the domain the logon screen pops up and i give in my ADMIN info then it says "the folowing error occurred while trying to join the domain
an error with no description has occurred"<div>but the wierd thing is that i joined my client Computer to my AD by doing the same thing and it worked without a problem
i have them all hooked up with a switch none are VM's and the firewall is already down and it still doesnt work.

Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,


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