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Win 10 and WHS v1
« Dato: 31 Oktober 2017, 12:14:08 pm »
I have no intention of changing my WHS (unless support is completely withdrawn) so am very interested in how Windows 10 will integrate with WHS v1, I have been using it with Win 7 and 8.1 with no problems at all.
So far Win 10 has been problem free until the latest build. I have found that the icons for WHS and LightsOut keep disappearing from the notification area. I am still investigating what is going on but it happens on every restart and sometimes on wake from sleep.
WHS console is easily sorted by restarting from the start screen. LightsOut is a little more tricky, a reinstall works but it then wants a restart at which point the icon dissapears again. running will fix it as well. I am almost sure that it is just the icon that is the problem as (and I am still testing this) my backups are still being done.

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