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Moving Client Backup share from dying drive
« Dato: 03 November 2017, 10:31:43 am »
WHS misbehavior troubleshooting requires a brain the size of Jupiter, I'm not sure I have the source of the problem, but according to the Event Viewer one of the hard drive mirrors (two 1TB HDD in a RAID 1 mirror) has bad sectors, and in fact WHS can see both drives, which makes think the drive hardware is not longer running them as a raid. I know all the drives are old, so I told him to buy new ones.
In prep for new ones, I told WHS to move the Client Backup folder from the bad drive to another data drive. Ir ran for a bit, and then tossed some errors (that my dad didn't catch) and tried to revert the move. That also threw an error and stopped.

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