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Backup failure - virtual alloc 8?
« Dato: 03 November 2017, 10:30:04 am »
Hey all...

my network cards became unresponsive, and I think it was due to some spyware or virus or something. I got rid of a whole bunch of them...but i think my host files were doomed...and basically pretty much everything i tried didnt work... i didnt want to risk of going back to another backup, and maybe having to deal with the virus again, so i did a manual backup in WHS, also got my data on external HDDs (just in case) and formated my PC
brand new instalation, i installed SP3, which i had installed a while ago on my previous setup as well, and WHS worked fine...almost no changes made, just a new windows instalation on the same PC, same hardwares...and now i cant do any manual, no automatics. and only on this PC.

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