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Multiple RD gateway problem
« Dato: 04 November 2017, 13:37:33 pm »

I have problem with my RD connection gateway on windows 2012R2.
Current situation is: 4 machines located behind NAT, each have installed and configured connection.
The main problem is, that when all of them are up, everything is running as expected (loadbalancing, remote reachability, etc.), but when first server go down, everything go down - not possible to reach gateway - do not care that gateway is on all of them... Also it disconnects all sessions.
For DNS there was originally roundrobin, but I removed it and tried to change DNS of the gateway name (via host file) but no difference... It look like gateway is only on first one, but during the investigation I did not find any problem with gateway on rest of the stations. Even logs show no problem.

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