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How I finally got Windows Home Server to work perfectly.
« Dato: 03 November 2017, 10:32:42 am »
As with a lot of people these days I found myself with an ever increasing library of photos, music & in my case video files that needed to be backed up and still be available for everyone in the house to use. I first use an external hard drives which worked great for awhile until the started to pile up and one failed on me. So then I switched to a 1TB internal hard but that was quickly filled and it didn't solve my backing up issues.
Therefore a home server provided the best options for me and of course there are a lot of good free options available such as FreeNas & Ubuntu Server Edition and also paid ones like Windows Home Server (WHS). So I would build the system myself to both know what I was getting and to save money in these difficult times.
I ordered the parts from Tigerdirect, put it together, downloaded and installed Ubuntu server edition. The install and setup was quick & easy but after using it myself for a couple days.

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