Forfatter Emne: Baffling behavior from server  (Læst 137 gange)

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Baffling behavior from server
« Dato: 07 November 2017, 08:15:34 am »
I can no longer access my server. When I try to log in through the console it takes my password but the progress dialog disappears and I'm left with just the blue splash screen. When trying to remote in it denies me. I can ping the server. I can't access the shared folders through the client (wont take my credentials).
The really odd thing is I can access the shared folders and browse via network in windows explorer but if I try and access a file it says the device is not connected. However if I try and open an image the picture shows up momentarily and then disappears giving me an error of cant display. I cant copy or paste to any of the shares either.

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