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Point me an upgrade path
« Dato: 01 November 2017, 14:23:49 pm »
Right now I run Win 7 on an "old" board, the Asus P6T. The insults however towards this venerable item are never-ending, so I must aim for better: an upgrade to win 10 on an X99 board, specifically the Asus x99-A/USB 3.1.
I probably need Win 10 to boot the X99. Should I put in the new board (with cpu and memory) then fresh install win 10 off the media key DvD, then boot the machine ?
I don't see upgrading to Win 10 on the current board as advisable. It would work but would configure Windows for this platform and may not boot the new platform.Or would it ? It would be simpler to upgrade to Win 10 first, then install the new board. With no need to fresh install Win 10!

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