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Problems with Avast Antivirus
« Dato: 10 November 2017, 12:43:48 pm »
Avast Antivirus on my HP Mediasmart server.  The HP is an early version, 470 I  think.  I first downloaded and installed the free version of the Avast software to test it and then a week or so later purchased a package of WHS and other licenses.  It has been a miserable experience.  Customer support throughout the purchase and succeeding time has been mostly nonexistent and ineffective when there has been any contact.
I installed the license key information using the instructions provided and seemingly was successful.  The software seemed to be operating as intended.  A couple of weeks later I began getting notifications that the Avast license had expired and that i should either obtain a license or uninstall the software.  At the same time the Avast tab appeared as a blank white page.  For clarity, there is nothing on the Avast tab, a blank white sheet. 

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